About Us

Hi my name is Bob Shotter some of you will know me others will probably have heard of me and many of you won’t even know me at all:

I’m an OAP and life long sea angler most of which has been fishing on charter boats. From my late teens I’ve been the mug who runs/organised fishing trips and competitions, mostly for my friends, but there have been a few bigger events such as this.

In the pre Facebook days I ran a web site magazine ‘Rodbenders’ which for many years reported on charter boat fishing around the UK, it was spawned from a competition not to disimular to this one and although that site is now closed some of the many films made under the Rodbenders banner are still available on my YouTube channel ‘SouthWestSeaDog’ 

So why do this competition you might ask, well quite simply I enjoy the challenge and like most retired folk have lots of spare time, so you could say it’s good therapy for keeping the mind and body active.

If you have any questions about myself or the competition or feel you have any ideas to improve what I’m doing please get in touch via one the following methods.

Email bob.shotter@rsa-uk.org 
Phone 07788 477447