Our Prize structure explained.


Our £1000 top prize guarantee is underwritten by our sponsors who this our first year is Shoban Holidays. That means we are able to guarantee the winner will get a grand, no if’s no buts, so, for example were only one person to boat one fish he or she would win the top prize.

One must also bare in mind that RSA-UK is a non profit set up, so every single penny received in entry fees is paid out in prizes, after the cost of running the event have been covered. This year that costing has been pegged at £500, with our sponsors covering all additional costs.

Please note that our prize structure is based on total entries 

So what happens to any monies left over? Simple we pay it out in prizes, and hopefully, should our target of 150 anglers entering over the two days be achieved then there would be a total of £3000 income less the top prize and running cost, leaving £1500 to be paid out in place prizes.

In such a scenario the payout will be as follows;
2nd place £500
3rd place £250
4th place £125
The remaining £125 will go into the raffle as one prize at our prize presentation night.