The All Cornwall Species Competition 2018
9th and 10th June 2018
Competition Rules.

  • This competition; is exclusively for anglers fishing on any registered charter boat operating out of any port in Cornwall and providing said Skipper has registered with us to take part. There is no fee for either the Skipper or his/her boat. Donations to the prize fund however are more than welcome.
  • Skippers; by agreeing to take part, will be seen as both the score keeper as well as adjudicator for the anglers on his/her boat.
  • The cost of entry; is £20 per day. This is a single day event running over two days so anglers may enter once or twice as long as they pay £20 per day and they can use the same or different charter boats.
    The event will take place on the days of 9th and 10th June 2018 for a period of not more than 8 hours between dawn and dusk on each day.
  • Scoring; Points are awarded for every fish caught, up to a maximum of 5 fish from any one species. Each species has a point’s value as advertised in our species listing on the species page.
    A further 5 points are awarded for the first fish of every additional species.
  • Skippers; have to return their results to RSA-UK via email ( by no later than 6pm on Monday 11th June 2018.
  • Prizes; RSA-UK is a non-profit org therefore all monies received by way of entry and or donation will go to the prize fund after the cost of running the event have been taken into account. Full details will be published on this site and it is our intention to be completely open and transparent over this.
  • All prize payments; will be made on Tuesday 12th June 2018 unless we decide to have a prize giving evening.
  • Please Note; At this time the plan is to pay out prize monies via our PayPal facility; however some interest has been shown with regard having a presentation bash somewhere mid county so a final decision on that has still to be made.
  • RSA-UK competitions; are run by allowing a maximum of four hooks and one rod in use at a time. Treble hooks are counted as one hook. Fish must be boated to count.
  • The only permitted method of fishing; is that of attracting the fish to take the hook by mouth, be it by use of bait or lure. Fish that are unintentionally foul hooked ‘will’ count providing the above method of fishing is the only one used.
  • Prohibited fishing areas; Fish caught while the boat is still in the harbour, marina, or at other boarding points including swing moorings will not be counted.
  • Disputes; Any issues have to be reported in writing to by no later than 6pm on Monday 11th June 2018. All decisions made thereafter will be final.
  • Cancellation; policy; In the event of any boat being unable to take part due to bad weather then the entry fees of the anglers affected will be repaid via our PayPal facility. Any decision to cancel will be down to the individual skipper and his/her decision will not be questioned, we do however expect the skipper to inform us asap via phone and or email.