The 2019 All Cornwall Species Competition

RSA-UK Presents.
The 2019 All Cornwall Species Competition


After the successful launch of our new species competition last year and the lessons learned from that RSA-UK are tweaking the competition for 2019 to not only make it fair for everyone but also to hopefully attract more anglers who can now take part in all or part of the event and still be in with a chance of a cash prize.

After a meeting with Skippers and Anglers held on 7th February 2019 RSA-UK is pleased to announce the format for 2019 will be as follows:

The event will see two competitions which will run over two weekends during the summer of 2019 and there will be two sectors and two prize pots of £500 in each sector. At this time RSA-UK is still working on getting the guaranteed funds and the aim will be to match the two thousand pounds that was paid out last year.

As well as the main prizes there will be cash prizes for the runners up generated from the entry fee and other ideas are being looked at but that is a difficult one as this is a C&R event other than those fish retained for the pot.

Anglers can choose to enter as often as they want on the basis that ‘each day is a single entry.’
That means anglers are free to fish in any of the two areas on all the four days of the two events that they wish.

The Dates;

Sat/Sun 22nd & 23rd June 2019 will be the Summer event
Sat/Sun 21st & 22nd September 2019 will be the Autumn event


The sectors are for boats departing from any port on;

1. The North Coast; 
2. The South Coast;

At the recent meeting mentioned above it was agreed that the division would be set at Lands End boats from Penzance would therefore be deemed a part of the south coast.

The Prizes 

These are still to be confirmed but the plan it to have a £1000 prize pot on each week end that will be divided equally between the North and South Coast.
In other words there will be £500 up for grabs on each coast for the best one day score each week end, so an angler could enter the event on the North Coast on the Saturday and then on the South Coast on the Sunday and thereby in with a chance of taking both prize pots or an angler can enter on one coast both days thereby maxing his/her chance of the top prize in that sector.

Please note at this stage the two week ends are two separate competitions and that wont change, having said that a combined prize is still a consideration but unlikely to happen this year.

The Scoring

The scoring system used will be the same format as last year although the number of fish in each species with a scoring value will be reduced from five to four. This has been done in the interest of conservation of fish species that do not return well and survive.
All types of Wrasse will also be seen as one species as was the case last year.

The Cost. 

The cost of entry per day will be the same as last year, £20.00
Please be aware that the cost of your charter boat is additional to competition entry;

All competition entry payments must be made in advance and there will be a cut off point set at seven days prior to each of the two week ends.
Any angler dropping out for whatever reason from the closing date of entries for either week end will forfeit said entry fee.

Payment Page.

Our payment page will be updated in the next few days and we will let you know when this goes live both here and on our Facebook Page 


This is still a draft of what is now proposed for our 2019 events and there may be further tweaks like additional prizes still to be announced but the dates and format are now set in stone.

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